Friday, October 10, 2008

The Big Two-O

Nineteen was a past, now that I've officially turned twenty. Another stepping stone towards the marvels of adulthood I suppose. Celebrations were wonderful and although I celebrated it with my family members back here, I did received quite a number of birthday greetings from friends and colleagues alike.

To my parents, the thanks are never ending. Anyway, grateful thanks for the birthday cake and awesome dinner. Not to mention the gift of my little gadget/cellphone I obtained earlier. Haha! Thanks also to my sis, who treated me KFC and for the birthday card. *Hugs* Thanks to my aunt and granny for the cards and ang paos as well. Thanks to my dearest cousins, Chris, Colin & Carol who took the meaningful greetings online.

To my friends, gosh its such a long list! I'm just throwing these out from my head, so heartfelt thanks to; Julian, Dexter, Raymond, Shiuan, Sai, Joyce, Chris, Gervie, Michelle, Brendan, Faiq, Alvin, Clevin, Adrian, Yew King, Hian Hui, Ru Yuan, Ken Cheah, Ben Ling, Azif, Wye Sern, Vincent, Tze lee, Viveon, Siew Lai, Ridhwan, Victor, Chew Weng and to those whom I forgot your names. (paiseh...too many to recall) Thanks for all the greetings through calls, SMSes, Facebook & Friendster messages and cards.

Last but not least, thanks to God the Almighty for giving me a blast all these years and to come!

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