Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Went to the immigration office yesterday to get my passport done. Yeap, I still don't have one. Haha. Well, with one now, the far fetched trips are now a step closer to reach! Hehe

Yeah, it spells 'PASPORT' for us. =.="
Anyway, the government recently did a change to the system which allows an applicant to apply and obtain a passport on the spot without needing to wait a month or so. Yet, you still have to go through the many documents and checkpoints, which, took me the whole afternoon.

Headed to one of the two buildings, thinking that the Jabatan Imigresen was located within the same building as the Jabatan Pendaftaran. However, was then told that it was located at the adjacent building. Couldn't blame me...I was a newbie here in these buildings.

Wrong building

This was the one

Before heading to the other block, I had to take a passport size photo and fill in some documents. I look damn hideous in the photo...had to pull my hair back which made me look like some immigrant. Hah! Not gonna show the photo here. And I found out that the people who operate the photo taking booths are like taxi tonto's. I counted 3 different photo booths, each with different pricing.

Owh, and there was this old chap whom helped me fill out my documents. The first thing he asked me was: Lu sudah kahwin belum? (are you married?)


And check out his marvelous handwriting ala British Colonial:

Fulamak...stylo habis! He was like slowing taking his time, calligraphing each letter. I think if I write like this I wouldn't be able to keep up with Prof. Siti!

After that, it was the long wait. Had to take a number as usual while waiting. My number read 1135 while the current was 1115. With my headphones in my ears, I had to sit through the long hour wait. It was like waiting in the bank, except longer and less comfy seats. One thing remains the same though; many vacant counters without anyone occupying...

Why so empty?!

Luckily, extra counters were opened in the end. (I think they want to pang kang early! Haha) Eventually I got called and it was over in 15 minutes or so. However, I had to return today just to get the passport book.

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