Wednesday, September 17, 2008

To The Skies

Finals has ended with a bang. Certain papers were tough, but thankfully managed to pull through. The viva lists for all 4 subjects were out. I was selected to attend the Anatomy viva, something which I least expected. Luckily I wasn't chosen for the Physiology one, if not, have to change my flight at last minute. Now all that's left pending are results...

Hoping that post-exam disorder doesn't strike so soon. So far the past few days was just non stop fun and pure craziness; the tiring futsal game, the hangovers of hitting the club, the indulgence of good food. Not to mention getting my brand new gadget. (Hint: is an i)

So, just a short post here. Will blog more once reaching home. Needing time to pack my luggage as I'll be flying back home tomorrow, to meet the flat lands of Sarawak...

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