Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dental Anatomy Slides

Here are some of today's dental anatomy slides. (mastication) Not all of it though, and some might not be that clear. Tried my best to take as many as possible without Dr. Siti's knowing. You all know right, she has some 'phobia' with cameras. =.= Plus the bad camera angle from the side and Arlena's head!!!

So, hope this helps, especially those missing out and unable to copy fast enough. I think she's quite a b**** lor...going ridiculously fast through the slides and yet not willing to give out handouts.

Download the slides here (19mb):
(right click, save as)

P.S: Do give me a feedback if you all want me to keep posting up the slides for DA and the others. I can't guarantee all but I'll try.

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