Saturday, March 15, 2008

Damn molar!

I've been lying on the bed for the past hour trying to sleep.

My legs are numb from playing badminton and swimming earlier. I'm so tired, walking to the kitchen seems like a mile away to me.

And yet, I fail to transport myself to dreamland, because of a freakin'


Curses! The pain is so damn annoying! If you had experienced a toothache before, you might as well know the horror and suffering I'm in. #$%^&*

Sigh, gotta see a dentist soon. Probably when I head home during the mid semester break. But thats like a month away, which means...I have to bear this toothache for a month! =(

Plus exams are just around the corner, so yeah, I'm doomed.

A dental student having ironic! =.=

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