Monday, March 10, 2008


Snippet: My friend & I witnessed a snatch theft as we walked back to our condo from 1 Utama around 9pm today. A negro lady had her purse snatched away by a man who hopped away on a motorbike. Now I'm worried about walking to 1 Utama eventhough it's just 15 minutes away by foot.

Amidst the darkness, a flicker of light finally emerges.

Last night was somewhat a massive revolt. As the nation turned on their TV sets, radio and whatever media they could, I too, followed the updates of the election results which was being streamed online.

At 4am, it was clear. The public had spoken.

As the nation prepares for a new era, post election drama begins to unfold.

Prior to yesterdays political shock, which saw the Opposition garnering wins in various places especially in Kedah, Penang, Kelantan & Selangor, I was told that rumours were being spread around to strike fear. Although the truth about these rumours were unclear, these were some of which I heard,

"The police were conducting random checks on cellphones containing SMSes which are anti-government or pro-opposition. Those caught could be fined or subjected to query on the spot."

"People are stocking up food and drawing cash from ATM's in the fear of another May 13 incident which some say have a potential to occur."

Well, it leaves now the Opposition to prove their worth.


On another note, exams in 4 weeks time. Barely prepared, it's save to say I am quite nervous. OK, maybe when I see my classmates piling up the books...Haha. But what shocked me and had me scrambling to my feet was the exam format: MCQ's with negative marking, short essays, slide (picture) identification & description, gross identification...GULP!

Every subject worries me:

Dental Anatomy lecturer drove us nuts with her lecture. Unable to get her powerpoint slides or even snap photos of it, it's gonna be hell during the picture identification in exams.

Biochemistry lecture reminds me of Physics during foundation; boring, long, monotonous lecture. Except that this time, the lecturer drags on and on and on, repeating not once, but sometimes up to 3 times. =.=

Anatomy lecture's OK, just that our dear old professor is somewhat "nyanyuk". Tends to forget things he taught or gave. It can be that bad till he says that the very textbook he wrote gave the wrong information and what he said during the lecture was right. Zzzz...

Physiology's the best for me, yet ,there's so much to study. A day's lecture could cover up to 20 pages in a reference book. And we are going topic by topic per day.


Time to work those study gears.

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