Friday, October 5, 2007

The Dark Is Rising? WTF man!

This movie here...SUCKS ASS!

Seriously, it is by far one of the worst movie I've seen by far. Period!

Don't be fooled by the nice looking poster picture and the trailer you've seen online or elsewhere. I was mesmerized by the trailer at first, showing this cool looking dude on a horse who likes like the hell rider from apocalypse and the "Narnia'ish" themed environment and movie. Heck, the cineplex even had posters of this movie pasted on the walls and even at the main entrance.

And yet, barely 30 minutes into the movie, my friends and I shyt.

It was a wasted 1 hour plus in the cineplex together with the RM8 we spent for the ticket. Damn...that Rm8 could be used for so many other things ya know!!! Not for a stupid dumbass movie like this.

OK...maybe I'm flaming this movie too much and was miss leaded by the trailer. Somehow, this movie was much more suited to young kids maybe those in junior high or something. Certainly not for those young adults and older generations. The plot is something similar to some children story book although the movie is actually adapted from a novel.

Some young kid, on his 14th birthday is supposedly gifted in being the so-called Seeker. In being this Seeker, he is some sort of the hero or savior of the world. By being the "Light's" only hope in defeating the "Dark", he must collect 6 "signs" in order to defeat the "Dark" and save the world. And to collect these "signs", he must travel through alternate dimensions, all the while resisting temptations from the "Dark". OMG...I can't believe how ridiculous the plot is.

Fight scenes were totally poor. Script was awful and storyline couldn't be much more worse. Certain characters had no proper role at all in the movie although there was some eye candy in the form of this:

She was one of the "Dark's" temptations

Yet, bottom line is, the movie still sucks. How bad this movie could be?

Imagine the person sitting next to me saying...SCAM wei!!! to his buddies. xD

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