Monday, October 1, 2007

The Tenth Month

October has breached the shores of 2007 and I'm almost certainly hoping for a fruitful month ahead of me.

The beginning of the month seems to be about business contracts, sales negotiations, and letting your loved ones know how much they mean to you. It is all about the power of your words. You are quite charismatic and diplomatic so you have no trouble getting people to agree with you. By the end of the month, your focus is turning more towards professional goals. This is a good thing, because next month you could really make some great things happen in your career and in your bank account.

That's what my astrological prediction states. Sounds great, but I don't really believe in all those. Anyways, October itself has plenty of stuff lined up for me:

8 more days to my Birthday! I presume you could guess my birth date and astrological sign now!
12 more days to Raya!
1 more week to Wee Lee & Faiq's 'homecoming' which equals to late nights and dota madness!
28 days later before I pack my bags and leave for PJ!

Well, the month started off pretty well for me. A pretty happening past weekend for me. Did manage to get myself off the beds earlier for some basketball. Played my 1st game of futsal yesterday after so many months was a fresh breath of air. Met up with Joseph at the futsal arena too. Was having his holidays and it was great to catch up with him after months leaving Aimst.

Getting a mail from Kai Liang was something new also. He had his ups and downs studying in Indon, but I believe he will fit well in the new environment. After reading his mail, I suddenly felt how lucky am I to be able to study water shortages and earthquakes to worry about. The degree I'm pursuing is awarded by an Indonesian university for your information.

Owh wells, time for another game of Dota. Seriously, this thing is a drug!!!

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