Sunday, October 7, 2007

Burger Times

Burger stalls are a pretty common site around town. It's a small business which makes a small profit. Burger making might seem easy and take a fairly simple amount of skill and preparation, yet, as my friends and I found it, proved to be otherwise.

Benedict invited a few of us over to his house to grill some burgers last night. We were suppose to head up to Sematan for an overnight trip but since a few of us couldn't make it, we changed our plans somehow. Actually, I had plans on going out with Ed and Brendan together with Wee Lee whom just came back from KL, but due to certain circumstances, I couldn't make it with them.

Master chef doing his thing
Alex & Vyner discussing "Burgers 101"

So, what happens when you put a bunch of dudes with no burger making experience together with a newly bought stove? This is what you'll get:

Our first attempt at making a burger was pretty disastrous. The first problem was that we didn't know whether it was better to use oil or butter. And secondly, one of the utensils we used somehow had a layer of its metal coating peeling off, thus contaminating the burger patties. So the first batch of burgers were screwed. Haha. Heck, we even made a pretty big mess!

Well, everything seemed to be all right after the first failed attempt. After a grilling a few burgers, we seemed to have mastered this skill. Although it took us twice longer to grill a burger compared to those roadside pros', our burger creations started to look and taste better. Soon we were mass producing and creating burger masterpieces, even throwing in a few hotdogs and adding BBQ sauce.

Nothing beats eating your very own home made burger.

Someone decided to make use of the cucumbers as facial

The follow-up to burger making was our so-called LAN party. More of a laptop convention it seemed. 7 different laptops were interlinked so that we could LAN and play DOTA. We suffered an early setback due to different configurations of the network on different laptops. Luckily we had a few IT brains among us to help us solve the problem. Nevertheless, it took more than 30minutes to settle it.

So we DOTA'ed into the night, screaming and shouting around till 1.30am. By then we were pretty tired and having sores from the bad sitting postures while playing.

Burger making and unlikely but merry combination.

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Johnny Ong said...

that last pic brought back memories where my whole gang of colleagues sat at various places to play counter strike in our house while being based in sudan

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