Monday, September 17, 2007

Monday Morning

8.00am. It's a rarity I wake up this early in the morning. But I had too. Purpose: Medical Checkup. Had to do it as part of the registration procedure to Mahsa. Unwilling to go suffer the boredom of going alone, I managed to get Brendan to tag along for the morning.

After picking up Brendan, we went to Clinic Kwok to have me undergo the checkup. I thought I had to go under the needle, but it didn't happen. Instead, I had to do this:

My first ever urine test!

Luckily I still had piss in my bladder, if not, it would be rather an embarrassment to tell the nurse I couldn't pee. Anyways, a couple of routine procedures followed such as blood pressure test and color blindness.

Next up, was to have me X-Rayed at the radiology centre, which was only few blocks away. Shockingly, I had to undergo the radiation not twice, but thrice! Damn, for a moment I thought there was something wrong with my lungs or chest because the radiologist mumbled something in mandarin which sounded like "not clear" and "missing something". Sometimes I wished I wasn't so "banana" and could understand what they were saying. Well, after exposing myself 3 times without knowing whether my cells have mutated or not, the results were seemingly OK with no problems whatsoever.

On the way to send the X-Ray photograph back to the clinic, we came across a self accident. How did the lady drove the car till it side swayed and hit the railing...we were clueless. Wasn't even raining at that time.

By then, my stomach was rumbling in hunger. I didn't ate breakfast due to the medical checkup and neither did Brendan. So we went to Parkson to bite on some waffle and Tokiwado buns. Since it was still early to go pick my mom from school, we did some window shopping, hunting for formal wear and my shoes. Nothing caught my eyes except for a shirt which costs over a hundred. Zzzz.

Picked my mom from school. Stopped by at the bank. Take away KFC. Theres plenty more of packing and shopping to be done before I leave to PJ but I'm dead tired now. Off to catch some forty winks.

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