Sunday, September 16, 2007

Drive For Food

Ahh...when it comes to Malaysians, nothing beats the fact that we love our food. We so much enjoyed our favourite food that we drive long hours covering great distance just so to satisfy our culinary senses.

"Hungry for a little food adventure?"

The Star has recently came up with a contest entitled "Drive For Food". Rather than those usual SMS or slogan competitions, this one is video based. The concept is relatively simple. Shoot a video between 30-60secs of your food findings or food hunts. Post it online at YouTube or other video hosting sites with an embedded link to The Star. If the judges select your video as the top 5 videos of the week, you get to win RM100 cash.

Simple ain't it?

The contest runs for four weeks. Yet, the best part is, it doesn't end there. Get chosen as one of the 10 finalist and you could be on a culinary adventure to Penang. The 10 finalist be required to form a team between 2-4 members and document a travelogue their drive from KL to Penang, in search of their favourite culinary delight or destination.

Contest ends October 19. So hurry! Get your digicam or mobile phones and start shooting!

More details here and here.

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