Tuesday, September 18, 2007


This long wait is gonna take it's toll on me.
One way or another,
It hurts deep inside,
Like a never healing wound,
Burning and torching

Over what has happened,
A small matter it is, but
Its those things that create droplets in your eyes
And turn you into a zombie.

Anger, hatred, pathetic.
All the these things I hate revolve around me
I want to get out of this place.

You've came back,
and made it worst,
You never understand me,
And neither will you ever.

With your threats and authority,
Have you ever considered my feelings?
Do you judge yourself before judging others?
Do you think the One above will forgive you?

You've bit her, and turned her into one,
It's just a short walk yet, a long frust,
What's even wrong of driving a short distance?
And yet you drive yourself to your friends house,
And keep everything you do a secret.

Though it seems save,
You've no idea how vulnerable it is,
Go on, push me,
And I'll see how far things will go.

It's no longer a perfect world,
And I feel so out of place.
Many times have I said it.
They would never understand.

A home is where a happy family lives in. This house was never a home.

I waited for minds to change
Pointing their fingers of blame
It’s not my fault you’re ashamed of how you feel

But you don’t,
and you won’t go
against your asshole father

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