Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Weight Program

I am on a mission.

After recently going to the medical checkup which shockingly revealed that I've lost weight, I've set myself a long term goal, which is:


People nowadays are trying their best to stay fit and reduce body weight. From those intensive weight-loss and diet programs to those harmful slimming pills, people, usually women, are hoping to shed weight and stay as slim as possible. Ever hoping to fit into those tight dresses and tops. Yet, slimming is a trend so obsessive till some people go beyond a certain point, and end up with a body weight too low which distorts their figure. This results in an eating disorder, commonly known as anorexia nervosa, common among those catwalk models.

OMG, she's only skin and bones!

As for me...I'm going totally the opposite way. To add those 'kilograms'!!!!

It's killing me whenever I pop up with my parents to visit some relatives and have them say; "Why are you so skinny?" or "Lu cho mik chiak be pui?" (Translated: why eating doesn't get you fat?). For some people, girls especially, they would be tremendously happy to have that question pointed at them. Yet, since I was back from Kedah, this question has been pointed out to me uncountable times. Often, I am totally speechless or unable to answer that question.

This is not an actual book, I edited it. The book title originally states, "French women don't get fat"

It's not that I'm avoiding it. However, whatever I stuff or gulp down into my stomach, miraculously, if I should say it, doesn't give me fat. Be it beef, chicken, pork, cheese or chocolates, the problem is either me or my stomach. Or perhaps it's the work of those 'worms' living in my stomach which hopefully there aren't any.

But don't get me wrong, it's not unhealthy fat I'm trying to gain here. Healthy fat only comes from muscle fat. Hopefully, with my diet planned out, I am able to gain those "illusive lipids"

So, how much weight do you think I will gain by Christmas? Do let me know by filling the poll at the sidebar.

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