Sunday, September 2, 2007

Biting the dust

Most of my friends from AIMST whom are returning to pursue dentistry courses just left for Kedah today. Khim Yik, Kenneth, and Michelle to name a few. Tomorrow is going to be registration day. Yet, I find myself sitting back at home. The thought of not returning to AIMST lingers on. A rollercoaster of emotions I must say. Unable to return and meet old friends. Friends we did so many fun things together; birthday bashes, gaming, late night supper, etc. Guess it's time to bid farewell to all those. Best wishes guys!

I am not upset at myself for not being accepted back. Not being all emo and yeah, taking it negative is the last thing on my mind. Face it, I wasn't good enough for AIMST to take me in. My satisfactory results aren't what AIMST is looking for. After nearly 10 hectic calls with only 1 returned, I'm still left pending and in confusion. Not just me alone, a few of my friends were just about the same as me...some even worse. The whole week was plain frustration and doubt, anger and management. In the end, I chose to forget about this sorrowful place and whatever the pitiful outcome is. "Secure your future here!" says AIMST in its many advertisements on the papers. To me that's just bull.

Bottom line is, I'm looking for a better future elsewhere. I applied for MAHSA last Wednesday after they said I qualified. They will notify me about my status within this week or so. It's a new place and a new environment. Not many have heard of it, which made me recalled back the days when I first applied into AIMST. At least this time around, I have a few friends there; friends whom were also AIMST rejects...

It's certainly gonna be a fresh new start once again. And it's God's will which I am to follow. Wish me the best of luck!

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