Monday, August 27, 2007


I was randomly looking through the megaload of scenery pictures in my laptop. Always loved photographing nature. All those picture perfect moments captured through the lens of the camera. Not to mention those wonderful sceneries and places I've been to. So I was thinking of sharing some of my favorite scenery stills, mostly taken during my college days at Kedah.

- Fiery Skies -
One of the pictures in a series of stills I captured from the window of my hostel one morning when the skies were 'engulfed in flames'.

- Silver Lining -
Took this photo during an evening basketball game. I like how the sun rays appear from behind the clouds, giving it a sense of divinity and grace. Ever heard of the phrase 'there is a silver lining under every cloud'?

- Morning Clouds -
Yet another early morning shot, around 7am just before the sun rises. I guess this was the reward for waking up early everyday. You get to see God's wonderful artistic creations...

- AIMST Semeling -
The rocket monument in the middle of AIMST Semeling campus with a sunsetting backdrop. Picture taken while waiting for the reading area nearby to open.

- Storm's Coming -
This picture taken at the causeway just outside Queensbay Mall, Penang, shows a storm fast approaching. Half of the Penang bridge in the distance has slowly disappeared in the rain and yet, the fellow in the foreground here is still happily reeling in his fish.

- UFO? -
Well, I hope so! The 'UFO' in the picture was actually the reflection of the lamp in the bus.

- Untitled -
I found this picture very nice although I don't know how to describe it.

- Poodle Head -
A cloud formation which looks like a poodle head.

- Penang Sunset -
Sunset scenery at some beach in Penang. Picture was taken during our farewell trip there. The beach was located behind a hotel if not mistaken. I wanted to get on the parasail, but it was too expensive and lacked safety measures. One of my favorite sunset pictures!

- Break of Dawn -
Another of those early morning shots. It pays to wake up early!

- Singkir Laut -
In my opinion, I think this must be Sungai Petani's best kept secret, a secret location located 15mins drive from the Semeling campus on the way to Tanjung Dawai. It's a hideaway off the beaten path, offering beautiful surreal sunset views amongst the rocks. Behind sits the majestic Gunung Jerai mountain range. There is a fishing village nearby with paddy fields and fishing boats. A perfect place to unwind for those who want to get away from studies or the hectic life. 7 of us had to squeeze in Desmond's car on the way there. Haha. Ask me for directions, I think I still remember how to get there.

- Singkir Laut revisited -
Revisited the same place once again more than half a year later, this time with Michelle for her birthday. The skies and sunset was so much prettier this time around. This picture brings back lots of memories.

- Rays of Hope -
Morning rays of hope which sparked the walk from Semeling to Amanjaya by me and my buddie, Khim Yik. It was a spontaneous thing to do which neither of us had prepared for. Took us quite sometime to reach our destination, but it was quite an experience. One of my biggest achievements during college life besides climbing Gunung Jerai.

All pictures were taken by me, using my trusty k750i handphone camera. I've removed the watermarks as I figured they might ruin the pictures. Please ask me before using these pictures for your own purposes.

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