Saturday, August 25, 2007

Kursk anyone?

Went to a small talk held at Holiday Inn about studying medicine at Kursk, Russia this evening. Fast facts:

1) The emcee was terrible. Couldn't blame her, I think she was rather unprepared.
2) The Kursk dean was even worse in his speech. Read from a prepared script I guess, he didn't even looked at the crowd for once. LOL, i think he's also unprepared.
3) Russian men have fat bellies, that refers to the Kursk dean and his assistant.
4) The representative from Magaram Enterprise, also had a fat belly. He says it's due to eating late and going straight to bed after that. Doesn't work for me though.
5) Aimst Foundation is recognized there. And that guy had a shocked expression when he heard that I was from there. (For Aimst foundation students, to get into the M.D. course in Kursk requires a 75% in grade.)
6) Kursk is a boring place and you do nothing there but study and study. Not much entertainment. I heard that there was a striptease bar 30+ kilometres away though. :p
7) There are so many confusing and time consuming procedures to be done before one is able to enter Russia and study. However, studying at Kursk only costs you Rm250, 000.
7) Quote of the day; "You eat with books, walk with books, jump with books, and sleep with books.

Definitely not going there. I don't want to end up like my friend who came back from there, all insane and crazed. And that's only pre-med! Huhu, I still remember the one weird moment of hers and another friend.

She : Eh, you think I wear baju kurung nice or not?
He : I don't know. (pretty stunned cause she never really chat with her)
She : I think sure nice one la. Eh, you go back for holiday help me buy ok?
He : Erm...I...(interrupted)
She : Your place sure alot one ma. Help me buy one please!
He : Ok, but I don't know your size.
She : Very easy one. Just hug me la and you'll find out.
He : Speechless...

By the way, I called the Aimst to ask about my admission earlier this evening.

(all this happened within the space of 15-20 minutes)

Call 1; line engaged.
Call 2; admissions officer talking to lecturer, try later.
*Went for a shower and returned back*
Call 3; line engaged again and the lady hung up on me.
*By then I was rather pissed. Okay, eat something 1st.*
Call 4; automatic answering machine: Thank you for calling Aimst. All offices are currently closed. Please leave a message and...

I hung up. In rage.

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