Wednesday, August 22, 2007

IDP Education Fair

Finally, after 3 days of sitting at home, I went out...for something 'educational'.

Tagged along with Edward to the IDP Education fair at Hilton. I had no clue whatsoever about this fair if Ed didn't invited me along. Only thing I knew that there was gonna be a few distinguished Australian universities were there.

I was mainly interested in asking about architecture courses besides asking about medicine, pharmacy and so on. Problem with most of the universities is that I'm worried my foundation course is not recognized. When it comes to asking where I did my foundation, an AIMST reply drew confusion among university officers. I can instantly see the question marks in their eyes. Maybe they don't even know what or where AIMST is. (makes me feel bad why I chose AIMST to do my foundation in the first place)

Being encouraging, they asked me summit the applications first, which they will consider. I was told it's better to summit a detailed course syllabus and layout. Thinking about that makes me so...


After spending roughly an hour there, we left, with a pile of undergraduate handbooks and pamphlets, including a free movie ticket they gave us as a door gift. How nice!

I'll be attending another education fair this Friday, concerning medicine studies in Kursk. Although I less favored medicine at the moment, I'm still hoping to get some information, mainly because the dean of Kursk University will be there. Whao.

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