Sunday, August 19, 2007

Nocturnal Creatures

I guess there will be less late nights and savoring the delicious foods found around town, since that most of my friends had left. I was out nearly everyday for the past week, enjoying the nightlife. Nights which were merely all about eating, joyriding, gossiping and having fun. We were sleeping in the wee hours of the morning and waking up after lunch time.

The road leading to Pasir Pandak.

It was fun chasing meteors at the secluded Pasir Pandak beach late at night. Sadly, we didn't see any, and ended up feeding the mosquitoes instead. Nevertheless, it was quite an adventure. Sky was dark enough to see celestial clusters of stars. Not to mention, the spooky pitch black roads, a stupid dog howling like a woman's voice, and interrupting the atmosphere of certain honeymooners by the beach. Plus the abandoned car with a fire burning inside. Creepy!

Josephian block in school

Outings were not only limited at night, but also during daytimes. I had a memorable visit back to my alma mater. Flashbacks of us running around in classes were vivid. Breaktimes at the canteen downstairs. After school basketball games under the hot midday sun. Afternoon badminton and table tennis matches in the stadium. The all so familiar faces of our teachers. School hasn't changed that much since I left.

Sarawak Museum

We felt like tourists for the day, visiting the Sarawak Museum. Yet another site of attraction around downtown; a place I hadn't been to in nearly a decade. It was a step back into history looking at the various exhibits inside. From the preserved wildlife creatures, to the mass dangling of skulls collected by headhunters, there was much to see. However, the aquarium behind the museum is pretty empty. The museum grounds which serves as a dating grounds during the night look so much more colorful during the day.

Night out at Senso, Hilton.

Nothing done during the day could beat what was happening at night. Downtown was littered with night spots, choosing a spot to stay put was tough. We however, chose to say away from all the crazy pubs jam packed with 'candy kids', shufflers, and smokers. We preferred a less noisy and hype location, where we could just sit down, and talk and talk into the night. There was an endless topic of conversations; the funny, the weird, the lame, even the hypocritical. Whenever there was talk, there has to be food too!

Irish coffee anyone?

Eating was not a thing to worry about. Choosing the place to eat was! Locations vary, from stalls at Kuching Fest to Tao's, Bella Italia to McDonald's. We filled our stomachs with a variety of food and drinks, the list is practically endless. Pastas, pizzas, burgers, pies, cakes, Japanese food, shaved ice, cocktails, smoothies, coffees, even herbal teas!

Living life in the fast lane

Many times, due to uncertainty, we ended up night cruising along the deserted roads around town and the suburbs. We witnessed plenty of things commonly unseen during the day. The prostitutes and 'soft men' waiting for customers in dark alleys. Couples in cars doing their 'stuff'. The ever so fashionable people and culture around streets and hot spots. The majestic houses of the rich and spooky abandoned ones. The who's who at various locations around town. The thrills were aplenty.

The Hilton coaster, signed by me, Wee Lee, Edward & Brendan during our last night out together

One by one they left.

First, was Adrian, last Wednesday. Then Wee Lee, moments ago. Tonight, will be Tze Lee. All of them, heading back to their campuses for studies. No doubt, it was fun hanging out with them all this while. But will the fun still remain, now that only a handful of us remains back here?

That includes me.

I'm still left in uncertainty even though I had applied dentistry back to AIMST. The offer letter has yet to come and I'm starting to consider my other options. Architecture sounds nice, but is it promising? Same goes for interior designing, a course many took, but few succeeded. Dad wants me to do the odd ones like sound engineering and 3D animation. Mom wants me to take engineering, but it's my last of options to venture in that field.

What would it be? Who knows? It's save to say, I'm unpredictable...

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