Friday, January 22, 2010


I just don't get it, how one person...

Is proven childish on many occasions and yet scold others childish?
Is already an adult by age but acts no near one?
Thinks he is independent and yet have to depend on others?
Buys designer clothes and yet has it chosen by his mom?
Questions the style of others but yet thinks his mom has the best fashion sense?
When is unsure of something in life calls the mom?
Lives in Malaysia but thinks the grass is greener in London?
Denies 99% of the time and yet says he can make decisions?
Acts a fool and yet say we have to be professional?
Laughs at the joke of others but doesn't know that the joke is on him?
Makes jokes and pranks at others but can't take one to seriously himself?
Drives a car but doesn't know how to park properly?
Doesn't want to take charge but feels that he is a responsible person?
Walks with a bold front but with 99 knives sticking behind him...and counting...
Doesn't realize the embarrassment he deals but feels proud instead?
Asks dumb questions and repeats what has been said?
Makes loud statements which are utmost unreasonable and irrational?
Thinks that most expensive things are the best in life?
Receives advice, listens and then discards them like smoking a cigg and discarding the butt?

Perhaps this person is not meant to be understood.
Perhaps the brain is no similar to a primate.
Perhaps this person thinks the clock has a 13th number.
Perhaps this person has been pampered all his life (and he probably denies it)
Perhaps this person needs to be taught a lesson in life.
The hard way...

He has no enemies, but is intensely disliked by his friends.

-Oscar Wilde-

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