Monday, January 25, 2010

Awesomeness played paintball with the some juniors and friends! Damn syiok! Didn't kena blasted like mad though. In fact, only scars I got was from crawling in the bushes and slipping and falling down. =.= But perhaps the closest thing to close combat and tactical action imo. Expensive sport though. If only it was cheaper, then you'll probably see me playing regularly dy. Haha.


Anyhow, plans for the coming week:

- Become a 'demo' for the class. Gonna have cavity restoration done by my lecturer.
- Going to University Malaya this Thursday with a few batch mates as representatives to some dental student conference. Sorta sponsored by Mahsa. Best part is...I get to take photos for our dental faculty. Haha
- Hopefully manage to do some scaling...and finish up my waxing up of denture blocks.
- Move my stuff to the new house. So far moved 30% of it only. Set up the internet connection there (if not can die...) Clean the old house.
- Save some money...getting broke after all the shopping and fun. Shit.
- Pay off debts. =.=

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