Sunday, November 22, 2009

I'm Broke

Coming to buy/pay list:
List to be updated regularly

New house rental (advanced 3.5months payment) = Rm1500
New bed/mattress = ~Rm300
New washing machine (after shared) = ~Rm200
2nd hand fridge (after shared) = ~Rm150
Vacuum cleaner (after shared) = ~Rm150
Clothes hangar (after shared) = ~Rm50
New wardrobe = ~Rm200
New chair = ~Rm50
Condo access card = ~Rm100

. . .

Stethoscope = Rm130
Radiology textbook = Rm120
Oral Maxillofacial textbook = Rm125
Browse's Intro to Symptom & Signs of Surgical Diseases = Rm50
Essentials Surgery (Burkitt's) = Rm115
Medical problems in Dentistry = ~Rm100
Other subject books = Rm???
Friends birthday gift/party = ~Rm50

Total: Very Broke...

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