Tuesday, November 17, 2009

1st Day at Hospital

*Waoooooooooooooo...1st day at hospital suppose to be a nice leh...but...*

We (group C & D) had our first trip to the hospital (Hospital Umum Kuala Lumpur) for classes earlier today which ended up somewhat chaotic however, mainly due to the improper planning and arrangement by the university. Biasalah...

So we people were told to wake up early and wait for the transport to fetch us up from the Esso petrol station @ Jalan Kasah by 7.15am.

And so we dragged our lazy bums over there, and ended up waiting till 8am for the bus to come and fetch us. And our classes was suppose to start over at the hospital at 8am. Bo pien lo, call lecturer and tell him we were late.


Found out later that the bus people weren't told by the management to come fetch us up...zzz. OK...nevermind that. However hor...the bus meanwhile fetch us to Jalan Universiti instead and ended up picking nursing students from MC!

So we though maybe the nursing students were heading to HKL...

But then...the bus patah balik to our uni @ PBD and drop the nursing students there before sending us to HKL. In the end, ended up spending 1 hour on the bus traveling around. And we people kena scold by the bus driver for making to much noise somemore...kanasai.

In the end stumbled our way to the hospital grounds. 1st time there, no one told us how the layout of the hospital was gonna be. We were just told to split into two groups, one group go surgical ward 9 another group go to some meeting room. Kinda lost for sometime...


So here we are in the room around something, and this is group C:

L-R: Didi, Chiew Yee, Poorani, Nelson, Nikunj, Fauzan (partially hidden), Mike (not in photo) & me.

Lecture was on General Medicine. And this fella here is our lecturer:


Meet Dato' Zul. Never fails to smile. Damn funny fella. He calls our dean by his name...Ariffin. And he bragged to Ariffin that his 'lecture room' was much more nicer than the one at Mahsa. LOL.

Owh and guess what...and our lecture lasted 30 minutes only! Partly because he had the room booked till 10am and that he had a phone call from the other professor who was teaching the other group which revealed something quite surprising:

What we found out later was proof that Mahsa memang boleh. In the phone call conversation, we got to know that the university people didn't fax to the hospital authority a letter which allows us to enter wards and acquire the patient details. Group D entered a ward for 10 minutes and was chased out because of this...

Lagi best we were told that Dato' Zul only got appointed yesterday as a part time lecturer and the other lecturer, Dr. Ismail, wasn't appointed yet...

Mahsa boleh! kan?

After that, we had our breakfast at the hospital cafeteria. Group D went back after that because there was no room for them to do General Medicine. As for us group C, we continued with our lecture here:


At the corridor of the wards! Best kan?! Owh...and meet Dr. Ismail! Lecturer of General Surgery. Heard from group D that he was one hell of a fella who could speak Bangla, greet patients in Canto and has a very weird personality. Haha.

Owh, and he uses a surgery book which was published in 1968 but told us not to get it unless we were as old as him. LOL! And he wears a backpack and walks around the hospital as if he's doing Lonely Planet: Hospital Edition! Damn funny character...something like Dr. House but a different variation. =p

This is him giving the lecture.

And when the lecture ended, we found out there was no transport for us to go back except for the bus which will only arrive at 2pm. And we have classes at 2pm. =.=

Translated quote: "Bus only arrives at 2pm. If you end early just wait outside, if got bus just take. If don't have just wait. If you still wan go back early...take public transport"

Mahsa boleh! kan?

In the end, we took the cab and paid RM12 for it.

So much so for the first day at hospital...

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