Friday, April 17, 2009

Tis' Over


Burning the midnight candle? LOL. Reading those slides on the laptop is pure torture I tell you. Torture!

Mr. Wong in his study domain, reading up on drugs.

Indomee goreng + streaming football online + chatting on MSN + reading notes at the same time. Heh!? At times, went down to mamak to watch the quarter final legs of CPL.

Classmates in the lab, quarantined, and preparing for the OSPE paper, which was the last paper. Holiday mood was felt before this. Hah!

DiDi = focusing on her notes. Me = focusing the camera lens.

Mr. Lau & Mr. Wong in the library. Our schedule was 1-6pm: study, 6-8pm: break, 9-12am: study, 12-2am: dota, 2am-noon: sleep. Amazing?


Right after our last paper yesterday, we went Petaling Street! Hunting for sunnies for our Redang trip this Monday. I didn't buy any though.

We had our lunch of wantan mee here at some hidden shop somewhere in Petaling Street. Seriously I would have never found out about this shop if it wasn't for them.

Headed to Mid Valley for a movie: 'He's Just Not That Into You'. Pretty darn nice romantic comedy. Had me chuckling all the way

Played a few rounds of pool while waiting the movie to start.

And on the same day, went to Kuala Selangor for dinner. Super cheap and delicious!

Ended the day with some kelip-kelip (firefly) watching at the firefly center nearby.

Supposed to have another yamcha session after that with some more buddies...but was too exhausted.

Anyway, feel's great exams are done with. Next up: Redang trip & my friends visit to my hometown next week!

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peanut said...

wah.. buy shades in petaling street? better invest in a polarized or with UV filter one, if u wear bad shades, it gets dark, ur pupils dilate, yet the UV is not filtered by ur shades and more UV light enter ur eyes, cataract wey..

Ken™ said...

true...but i wearing specs. cant use shades. haha

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