Friday, April 24, 2009

Redang Trip Part 1

Warning: Picture spam. And this is only part 1. Meh!

Ahhh...the great Redang and its magnificent beaches as told by many. Never got a chance to experience it until now. It was holiday time and we need to destress from all that bacteria and drugs shit.

So, you get a beach resort, throw in 8 guys, 2 rooms, a dose of alcohol, some whacky madness and this is what you get:


Woke up around 5am and had Kien Yee's brother fetch us to Subang airport. First flight of the day and first time using Firefly Airlines.
Flight Tickets
Flight tickets.

We were pretty early to check in, and while waiting for the boarding gates to open, we hang around the airport. Had breakfast at Starbucks since was the first shop to open its doors that time.
Waiting at airport
Alvin & the 2 Vincents' gambling while waiting. Fauzan & Baha having a good chat. Kien Yee taking my picture.

Boarded a twin propeller plane which took us from west to east. Destination: Kuala Terengganu
In da plane
Vincent, the only first time flyer in our group, sleeping in the plane.

Gives you the impression of flying in those old skool planes.

The 'backbones' of Malaysia

Kenyir Lake?
Kenyir Lake, damn huge with hundreds of those mini islets.

Reached Kuala Terengganu airport after an hour's flight journey to be greeted and ushered by a representative from the beach resort we were about to stay at.
Laguna Redang bus
Boon Siew walking towards the bus which then shuttled us to the jetty.

On the way to the jetty, I snapped this awesome floating mosque.
Floating Mosque

Kuala Terengganu is also known as Bandaraya Warisan Pesisir Air (translated Waterfront City?)

City streets
Intersection somewhere in KT.

Reached the jetty, but had to wait for the boat to fetch us over to the island. While waiting:
At Jetty
A group photo

Nik, Kien Yee, Boon Siew and I went for a short walk nearby. There's this bazaar opposite the road:

Nearby was a pasar selling a variety of things:
Pasar Besar

Including turtle eggs!

Kien Yee & Boon Siew bought apam balik with egg but didn't finish eating them because it didn't taste good:
Apam Balik

While I wandered off snapping few more pictures:
Penarik Beca

Wet Market

Back at the jetty, Fauzan was spotted eating a leech.
Actually its kuih dodol. lol

Our boat finally arrived:

All looking damn semangat but ended up sleeping during the 1 hour+ boat ride to the island.

Reaching the Laguna owned jetty:
Laguna jetty
Alvin and his aviators

Was whisked into a waiting hall for a briefing by the staff upon reaching

And the huge group of people waiting for the shuttle to the main building for check in after the briefing
Waiting for shuttle

Finally, the wonderful sight of the beach!

On arrival, we were welcomed with refreshing drinks by the bar.
Welcome drink

After that, registration and check in
I see me!

Followed by buffet lunch upstairs at the dining hall.

Somehow we were made to wait for nearly an hour for our room to be ready. We got pretty frustrated at this.
Waiting again
Spot the alcoholic in this picture. Haha

I wandered off again, to snap more pictures.
Laguna Redang Beach Resort
Laguna Redang Beach Resort; main building

Kien Yee & Boon Siew testing the water

Blue skies and crystal clear water. Just like a picture from the travel magazines.
The sky

Clear waters
A small wave.

If it wasn't for the hot sun, we would have jumped in straight away. Haha. Individual shots of me, Kien Yee & Boon Siew:

Kien Yee

Vincent Ng

The unluckiest fella of the day was Alvin. 1st, he sprained his ankle the day before and on the day itself, liquor leaked from the bottle in his bag.
Alvin's pillow
And the pillow smells of liquor now.

Our rooms, split in 3s and 4s:
Entering the room

The good thing is that we each had our own bed.
Our room

After putting our bags in the room, we had our first snorkeling trip at the open sea. It was my first time snorkeling in the open sea, so had a slight scare prior to it. But it was fun all in all. Ended up so tired, I could barely swim back to the boat. Didn't bring my SLR along, so don't have any pictures to share.

Had dinner and headed straight back to our rooms, tired to do anything but sleep. Day 1 ended with us retiring to bed at 10pm.

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mk said...

these redang pics are so nice! it brings back some of my memories of redang! the blue sand and really nice clouds.

omg, it's really nice. photography skills are awesome.

Ken™ said...

thanks! yea, redang's a nice place!

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