Sunday, March 1, 2009

Over the weekend

Went down to Mid Valley yesterday with the Wong brothers, Stephen, Justin & Wye Sern, who tagged along as well for a movie. Watched Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li, which I give it a 3/5 rating. Just for Kristen Kruek's looks! Hah! Actually, movie could have been better if there were more Street Fighter characters and more fight scenes.

After the movie we lepak'ed around; watched a car show, went hunting for poker chips before having dinner at Kim Gary's. Lawson came by after dinner to fetch us to SS2 for a cyber session. Owh, since I brought my camera along as well, some random pictures:

Queue at GSC
Super long queue at GSC. Luck was definitely with me that day. Just went I was going walk to the back of the line, the PA announced that those who wanted to watch the movie Street Fighter & a few others were requested to line up some specific counter. And immediately to my left was that particular counter, so I found myself standing first in line automatically!

Photographer spotted
A photographer in action. Somemore, using the same camera model!

I see u!
A spot of randomness caught on film.

Jack & Wye Sern
Jack & Wye Sern

The Wong brothers.
The Wong brothers. Julian & Jack.

Kid starting at me. Not many stares from people as well when I went around randomly snapping. Hmm...

Floating tap
Now this is a damn cool invention. Looks like a floating tap ain't it? In fact, there's a transparent rod supporting it. Picture taken at ROOM, a deco shop. Actually, I didn't notice the No-Cameras Allowed sign outside till I left the shop.

Candy booth
Candy booth.

Honda City car show
The Honda City car show. Car looks so much better than its predecessor.

Poker chips
Poker chips. No my property though. Hehe. Alvin would surely want this!

Finally, two pictures for project 365:

#6. (28/02/09)
#6. (28/02/09) Kid eating hamburger at McD, Mid Valley. Yum!

Damansara Uptown
#7. (01/03/09) Damansara Uptown. The view from the 15th floor lift lobby.

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