Saturday, February 28, 2009

Project 365 - Genting

Had a multi-test last Friday. In the morning, 3 theory subjects in one paper. A first for me and also most of the class. But I think it was do'able lah. Later in the afternoon, sat for an English paper. =.=

In celebration, a few friends and I headed up to Genting Highlands in two cars at night. Some went to gamble, while a few of us just went for yamcha at Starbucks. Will post a longer post about it in the days to come.

A few pictures since I'm behind my so-called 'Project':

Mua (#
#3. (26/02/09) This is the recent me. Hair getting longer; mom says it looks horrible, sis says I look like lakia. LOL! Still not putting fat though. Hahaha.

Genting Scale Model (#5. 27/02/09))
#4. (27/02/09) A scale model of Genting Highlands. Couldn't get a nice outdoor picture at night, especially with the weather. (It was drizzling and rainy). Still, I like the chilly atmosphere up there. And the people...OMG, we arrived at 11.30 and there were still plenty of people around!

Uncle Lim (#4 (27/02/09)
#5. (27/02/09) I like this picture very much. An old uncle standing on the left, most probably looking for profit at the casino. And in contrary on the right, the portrait of Uncle Lim, the man who build the very resort and had lots and lots of people trying to get their share of his 'treasure'.

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