Monday, February 23, 2009

MAHSA in years to come

Future plans for my university. I think I would have long graduated already when it is complete. On the brighter side, it sure looks more like a university now compared to some old building block. Hehe.

We at MAHSA College are constantly striving to maintain the highest standards in terms teaching as well as the quality of the facilities and other amenities available for our students. Currently the Jalan University Campus (JUC) is undergoing a facelift whereby RM 10 million will be spent in providing better sporting facilities and other amenities. Soon our students will be able to enjoy such facilities such as a gymnasium, swimming pool, recreational centre along with an ultra modern study area. Furthermore staff amenities will also be upgraded.

MAHSA’s future plans include the construction of a revolutionary new campus that is currently in the design stage in Selayang Heights. This Campus will be home to all the various Medical and Allied Health faculties as well as include dormitories for 10,000 students, sporting centre both indoor and outdoor, a shopping arcade and cinema



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