Saturday, January 3, 2009

Dark Roads & Tall Tales

It has been a wonderful time for me back at home. I could say that the holidays were well spent. Christmas & New Years' celebrations was great. Been out nearly every night, either with my friends or family members. Had a great time enjoying the various food and scenes around town.

Since my cousins were back as well for the holidays, I had a fair share of dinners with my extended family. It has been quite awhile since we all gathered together. I guess this is the first photo I posted here of my extended family, taken at one of our dinners:

Happy faces after eat kau kau. Haha.

Quite a number of ex-classmates and schoolmates were back in town too. Held a couple of gatherings in and around town. It was great reminiscing the old times, especially when some of us hadn't seen each other for a long time. There were many tales of each others lifestyle abroad as well, each unique and different. Some had changed since the last time we met, some still remain the same.

The converse gang is back in action once again.

The converse gang was the name we gave it. Born out of the blue nearly 2 years ago, it's probably my closest circle of friends, namely Edward, Wee Lee, Brendan & Raymond. And together, we plan the wackiest, weirdest and adventurous plans. We share a common trait it seems, which is being nocturnal. Hah...

Night drives was the common thing to do; one would drive the rest of us around town and it's suburbs, usually late at night and the wee mornings. We would start of either by having supper and follow up by the many spontaneous things we do; exploring those dark unlit roads, spooking ourselves with tales of the paranormal, stalking down dens of ladyboys, and plenty more...all for the fun of it.

Our days start after sunset

It seems like I've been around for just a brief while, yet I'm returning to KL in 12 hours time for 2 weeks of class. Timetable is pretty messed up, but I'll take it as a break to finish up my pending assignments. Owh, not to mention about that 3000 word report. =.=

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