Saturday, December 6, 2008


Time for some updates after 'abandoning' my blog for quite sometime. No pictures this time around, uploading problems due to the slow internet. Frustrating.

I was utterly free the past few days. It came to a point that we all attend classes just to sit down for an hour's lecture, get some practical things done and after that, its just lazing around. Pretty thankful I had my iPhone to waste minutes on it playing games or listening to songs. Back at home, boredom hits hard, especially when there is nothing much to do except getting online, playing games, and sleeping.

It would have sucked if classes were just lectures all day long. It could have even been worst if Dr. Zaimah had taken over Dr. Ikmal. I'm sure most of us would agree on the term 'bitchcry' for her. Those who stepped on her 'tail' might have known better. Meh! And I found out impression taking was depressingly time consuming. Took me 6 tries just to get a so-so impression. Not to mention those damn air bubbles. So damn depressing that my friends had comments like "Super duper depressed" & "...hates impression taking" on Facebook. By the way, needing those extracted teeth as well, my stock is fast depleting.

Since we all were pretty unoccupied, we found a common liking of the movies. It has been a movie mania for me the past few weeks. On the lowdown;
1) Igor sucked and all I get from that movie was 'yes masterrr......' all the while,
2) Quarantine was thrilling if you can withstand the constant motion camera shaking (just make sure your buddy don't puke on you),
3) Bolt was so-so although half of the gang slept during the show,
4) Transporter 3 was fucking gay due to the cheezy lines and SPOILER: Jason Statham's striptease,
5) Twilight was the pick of the month if you were to choose. (I found myself watching it twice and reading the novel =.=)

And with a gang of wacky people like Harvin, the Joyces' (I swear it sounds like a band name) & Kien Yee, fun wasn't just a 3 letter word. You get all sorts of weirdness. From bowling with spoof names to getting totally obsessed with Robert Pattinson & 'sparkling' awesomness?!?! I'll try get the pictures from those gila-gila moments posted up as soon as possible. Kthxbai!

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