Friday, November 7, 2008

The First Week of Class

So, the first week has officially ended for us. Starting freshly, yet some still have that holidaying mood. Hehe. The old lecturers were gone, new ones coming going to teach us. We're even gonna get a lecturer from Baghdad! I bet it's going to be pretty interesting around here. The only lecturer retained was Prof. Ikmal, whose going to be our main lecturer for the coming few weeks. And amazingly, our results were still unreleased! Current status: Pending authentication from our Indonesian dean.

Our first week's timetable. Hey we have English class!

Things are getting hands down and dirty now. Being exposed to the dental materials and actual tools used was both interesting and fun indeed. Surely gonna have a hard time memorizing all the different names of the equipment. Since actual learning classes for subjects like Pathology & Microbiology hasn't begun, we spend most of our time in the simulation room finishing up our uncompleted wax fillings and wax models. Besides that, we were progressively taught the functions of the 'Phantom Head' and all the different dental tools during the past few days.

These are going to be my gadgets and tools for the coming few years. Few thousand dollars of tools lying there! Finally we saw where the money was spent on!

This is only the first page of three! Check out all those 'cool' names...

Part of my completed models. The molar on the left was painstakingly hard as we had to flow the wax along the grooves and fissures to mimic fissure sealant treatment. Nevertheless, I'm happy with what I did and the marks that came with it! =)

As usual, the planners and organizers of the class had already started throwing a birthday bash and outings. Each day was sure not to be wasted. Last Wednesday, a few of us even headed up to Genting mainly for the sake of trying to win it big. Yet, luck wasn't on our side and a few of us suffered losses. And just yesterday, we went to catch the latest Bond flick. Plans for more activities were on the way, since we were kinda free at the moment just before serious classes start.

Genting Hotel at 10am.

And just this morning, we met our juniors for the very first time. Being seniors for the very first time, we held a short meet and greet session which ended up with a game Charades and 'chicken dancing' at the end. The newer batch was a smaller one, but we reckon it will fill up towards the first few weeks. Few characters could already be seen, but all's good for the moment. Definitely hoping to see what this new batch had to offer.

Video of the Chicken Dance. (knida blur...zzz)

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