Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meeting With The "Tailo's"

Met with our tailo's aka. Deans earlier this morning. Scheduled at 9am, but we had to wait for nearly 2 hours for them to come. =.= The Deans mentioned was our Dental Faculty Dean, Dato' Ariffin & our special important guest, Dr. Bambang, the Dean from the Dental Faculty of Universitas Trisakti, Jakarta; the university we will be heading to by the end of our 4th year.

Dr. Bambang, although speaking in rather simple English, shed some light about our coming stay at Jakarta. We were quite overjoyed that there is a possibility that the graduates could work or do post-grad at USA, and that the university is the top notch private university in Jakarta. The only problem, our main teaching medium there is gonna be Bahasa Indonesia. OMG!

Group picture:

Sitting: Asso. Prof Alaudeen (our Biochem lecturer), Dato' Ariffin & Dr. Bambang

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