Monday, August 11, 2008

Lazy Eye


This seldom occurs to me prior to the exam week, but somehow, this time around,


Shit, finals is like in 3 weeks and I'm like barely 1/3 away from completing my revision. Ahh...and the worst thing is, I don't feel a pinch of the stress and ironically...relaxed!


Classmates are filling up their empty cerebrals with input from the notes, packing up the library and staying back at college. Did try my best to focus in the library this morning, but 20 minutes through, I dozed off on the chair. Zzzz....and not to mention I had a good 8 hours sleep the previous night. So I decided to head back home to catch up. Mana tau reach home; 1st thing...switched on the aircond, then the laptop, listen song, lie down awhile...and flap, slept for 2 hours plus! (ended up online and lazing around after that)


I read...I do read. Just that I read a freaking page in 20 minutes! Okay, nevermind that, try listen music while studying. 10 minutes later...found myself humming to the tunes. =.= Tried putting some instrumental songs, and ended up with a half closed eyelid. 5 pages, and an hour after that...I shit. After I shat, I came back, opened the book and stared at a page for another 15 minutes. (ended up playing ps2 after that)


Maybe its the bed I'm sitting on, which makes me wana lie on it...and sleep. Or perhaps the cold room which paralyzes my learning progress. Whatever it is, the problem lies within me and my study mode seems to be dysfunctional at the moment.

Someone help me before I self destruct?

BTW...I did try off aircon, laptop, music...only the book. And I ended up folding origami with paper money.


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