Monday, January 7, 2008


Seven days into the Eight. It has been a week since we left 07' behind. Yet, some of the many memorable things which I did back in 2007 are still vivid in my mind. Looking through the window of last year, the events & photos were aplenty, so was every moment. Ahh...those good ol' days of last year.

Thus, I present to you, my 7 great milestones and memoirs of 2007:

1) Beach Jumping

Who knew that jumping at beaches would be so much fun?

Yes, one of the memorable things I did back at 2007 was my very first beach jump. I'm sure most of you did it way back long ago, but for me, it was something very much new. The first jump took place at Pasir Pandak, back at my hometown with a few friends. (middle picture)

After that, the 'jump fever' struck, and I found myself jumping at various locations, including cliffs! Just the simplicity of the thrill.

2) Visiting Kota Kinabalu
During the post-foundation break, I took a few days off for a vacation to Kota Kinabalu, at the other end of the Borneo island. It was my first time there, but the place gave me a lasting impression.

The boat ride to the island, the clear waters off shore and the beautiful beaches. Certainly not forgetting sleeping in the bunk squatters few hundred meters from the airport runway!

What alarmed me was how developed Kota Kinabalu was compared to tiny little Kuching...

3) Bako National Park
2007 was a year of many adventurous trips and excursions. One of them was the one day trip to Bako National Park with a few buddies.

It was a first but certainly not the last. A hidden paradise among the swamps. Although hiking only 1 of the many trails at the park, we had lots of fun exploring. The rock formations, lush greenery and wildlife diversity.

Walking on the shore during low tide felt like a once in a lifetime thing to do!

4) The 'Foundation' Stories End
One of the saddest moments of 2007, yet most remembered as a long journey of many tales, happy sad times, and the joy of being in an isolated community, miles and miles away from home.

The 12 months during foundation was something which had to be cherished. Be it ordinary moments or extraordinary, the months spent there taught me a lot of things. The wild antics, suppers at the cafeteria, burning the midnight oil till daylight, and the birthday bashes were just some of the 'happening' things all of us did.

For once, I got to see the many different faces & characters, but forever I got to remember them.

5) Up, down and back up Gunung Jerai
Drove up in a car,
Hiked down an uncharted trail,
Was a green and brown maze,
A jungle of hidden dangers,
Rope repelled more than once,
Leech bitten at least twice,
Slipped more than thrice,
Total 6 hours of trekking.

Yet, managed to find a way out,
but at the other side of the hill!
Hike all the way back up again,
Because we forgot about the cars!

I actually thought we were gonna get lost in the forest (and a search party would come and rescue us!) when we trekked for hours but failed to find a way out!

6) Tooth for the next 5 years
November 2007 marks the beginning of my path in pursuing my dreams as a dentist. I enrolled myself into the dentistry course at Mahsa College. From 'ulu' to urban, it was very much impromptu ending up at KL, but the goals remain the same.

A new environment before me, this is going to be my 2nd home for 5 years. With so many other "new's", life isn't going to be the same anymore.

Time to get adapted before I get changed.

7) Spot...less
Well, actually this is a personal great for me. 2007 was the year I've manage to stop my face from being littered with...pimples. (although not 100%...LOL)

After a long battle since form 5, I'm happy to say, I've tremendously reduced the amount of zits on my face. Through those times, I've wield weapons of various creams and pills to combat the enemy. It was a painful and time consuming battle against those little hideous things that pop out unexpectedly around your face, but finally, the plague has been stopped...

Though the scars remain...darn!

So there it 7 achievements of 2007. Time to move on!

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