Sunday, January 13, 2008

Just For Laughs

Label on a bottle of cranberry juice I bought from D'lish.

The cranberry juice was disturbingly sweet...

This is caught me by surprise! Was killing time playing some online pool on Yahoo in the social chat room where the following chat took place. Begins with the usual a/s/l and ended up...

=.= Malaysia in Alaska? Swtness!

Correct me if I'm wrong but, since when Malaysia was in freakin Alaska?

Our country with the Petronas Twin Towers and other "international achievements", and yet still very much unknown. Which makes me think:

MALAYSIA so ULU meh?!?!?!

Maybe next time I should say..."The country above Singapore". =)

2 Added Colors:

t1^g.j0.J1 said...

even better. tell them u're frm singapore. cos they know tht very small island almost non-existant on the World Atlas, but the do not know the bigger amount of coloured paper on top which represents Malaysia. (yes, we are very ulu)

frm Dlish u say? must go steal the bottle. "It's almost disturbing" XD

Ken™ said...

haha. seriously, sometimes i doubt malaysia's existence is known elsewhere.

anyways, you should try Dlish's cupcakes. sinful. =p

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