Saturday, November 3, 2007

Fancy that

My first week of orientation at Mahsa came to an end yesterday with a short presentation by my batchmates. My group did a short sketch and a song to much delight of the people watching. Haha...pretty nervous playing the guitar in front of a different crowd of people, especially with all the Board of Directors watching.

Anyways, orientation somehow was pretty boring. Mostly we were given briefing about subjects and whatever spare time we had, was spent on discussing the presentation. In contrast to orientation weeks at other universities which were suppose to be fun, indirect, free and easy, ours was very much complicated and rule regulated although the activities were suppose to be nothing much. A simple briefing would be dragged and most of the pre-planned activities will occasionally change.

Since we were the first batch and we had no seniors, our orientation was run by the older folks, those lecturers whom are old enough to be our grandparents. Haha. So, you can predict the mindset these people have. Simple and plain instructions they give, but when a simple problem pops out, they will rush around as if it's the end of the world. Although they tried to make it happy for us, no doubt there were many bored and sleepy faces around. Maybe its because they're more to the books & rules rather than the actual human common sense.

Over the past few days, the 10 o'clock curfew is really troublesome. One minute late & you get a red mark on your name. And yes, the guard is an old lady. =.= Never once I had to stay so early at my room with nothing to do. Coming to the big city & getting stuck in your own room at night is bored indeed, especially during the weekends. Even without the curfew, the place where I am is pretty boring at night. Not that happening with the absence of mamaks, cybers, and that dose of entertainment. The nearest spot is probably at Bangsar, but due to the stupid curfew, going there means checking the hands of time all the while.

So far, my batchmates are pretty friendly. The other 4 guys staying at my hostel is currently my main clique here. Although they are not the happening type; homestaying, computer people perhaps, they make good buddies. Together with them, I've been to Bangsar, Sri Hartamas, Mid Valley & 1U to name a few places...mainly just to get used to the public transport there.

The option of moving out is no doubt a main thought. Living at girls hostel, you get occasional stares and shocks by the ladies when you see them face to face, especially in the elevator. Sadly, I had paid my 3 months deposit, so I can probably move out only after CNY. The lack of freedom is killing me. And for the first time, I actually felt bored around some of my friends. I guess its the lack of common interest.

At the moment, I'm at my friends house here at Wangsa Maju. Yeah, somehow managed to find myself all the way at the other end of KL. It's a totally different environment here, an actual student environment where you have students walking around at night, chillin with their friends at mamak stalls, crowding the cybers littered around. Wished I was staying here, the freedom is just at your doorstep.

Classes starts next week mainly with the LAN subjects. Boring studying those moral and Malaysian studies. I even have computer classes on Saturday, which is totally ridiculous & a waste of time. Luckily my class next week ends on Tuesday due to the Deepavali break which my uni is taking 5 days off. Yet, as most of my friends are returning back to their hometown, so their's a big possibility I might be alone in the hostel...unless of course, I come down here again or head up to the small town of SP to visit my college mates. xD

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