Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Day 1 over, 5 years to come...

Touchdown at the big city! Finally, I've reached my destination which will be my second home for the next 5 years or so. What a place indeed...

From this:
To this:
The night before flying off and leaving my 4 months holiday behind was a restless one. I was supposed to sleep at 12 since my flight was at 6.30am the following morning. Never wanting to sleep so early and missed the Arsenal vs Liverpool match, but what choice did I have if I wanted to arrive fresh the following day for registration? So, I did slept at 12 but merely for an hour’s plus as I was awoken by a message tone. Tossing & turning, I found out I was unable return to sleep again. I finally dozed of at 3 something, only with the help of the tunes from my mp3.

Unexpectedly, the plane landed with a huge thump, much to the horror of most of the passengers. The next unpredicted outcome was locating the college’s (MAHSA college) building. The taxi driver wasn’t really sure, and it took nearly an hour’s drive to get to the college; many thanks to Vincent & Sze Kwang for guiding me there.

Although I wasn’t really in KL city (actually to be specific, I am in Medan Damansara), the buzz of life in a busy city was everywhere. The wave of crowds from every single corner, the tapping of the dozens of shoes treading the sidewalk, the blasting of horns from different machines prowling the road, the foggy hazy atmosphere…all these I have to survive and get used to…for the next 5 years.

The college is located on one of the 5 huge blocks of building in an area called Pusat Bandar Damansara. Confusing eh, once you've found out that there are so many places named Damansara. The shop around the vicinity where I am is mainly catered for students. At one corner there’s a 24hour McD; around another, 7-11. From Starbucks to nasi kandar restaurants, Giant supermarket to Watson’s, they are all here plus many more, and within walking distance. However the whole place is rather confusing, even with roadsigns around. Even my campus is a maze within a building. Maybe i need more time to get recognize the place...it's like what, 2 days only?!?!?!

The only problem I found out so far was looking for places to dine. It seems that most of the restaurants here close their doors after classes are over, around 6pm. 3 colleges are located here, one of which is HELP institute. Finding food around is pretty hard at night, unless of course, one opt of KFC or Pizza Hut and other fast food eateries. However, I cant imagine myself eating this everyday:

LoLz, and since we are not allowed to go out after 10, at night, there's pratically nothing to do. Thats right, a curfew which starts at 10pm! Gawd, no mamaks, no late night cybers, no clubbing, no roaming the streets. I'm living in a pretty new apartment which is located just 5 mins walk from the campus. My roomate is currently my ex-housemate from AIMST, Vincent, and only both of us are residing in the whole apartment unit. We are sharing a twin bed master bedroom, airconditioned but costs each of us a whooping rm700 per month. rm700 and yet no internet access!!! In fact, the whole unit is fairly empty and bare, with the lack of furniture. Just exactly like moving into a new house. So far, all the missing necessities is not a huge problem for me, with the exception of the fridge. Damn, thats like the most important item to me, and yet they left it out. Anyways, here's a video of my apartment unit.

Besides that, another shocker was when I registered in for the hostel:

Hmm...I guess some of you might have missed it, let me point it out...I'm actually filling in a form for an apartment for girls. LOL! Yeah, I'm staying at an apartment originally planned for girls. In fact, most of the floors are occupied by girls, even my next door neighbors. So far, only 6 guys from my batch is currently residing here.

View from the balcony

2 people living in a unit is boring indeed. Well, everything's pretty boring so far due to the minority of students living in the hostels. Minority in the sense that most of the students of my batch are non-hostelites and live in and around PJ. As a matter of fact, my batch has only 30 students, as it's the 1st batch of dentistry students of the uni. I guess this is only the beginning. I'm having orientation till this Friday, which my group is suppose to present a sketch or something. Undecided so far about it. Hopefully, in the days to come, I will get to know more people, hopefully the happening ones...xD. So far, it's just basic meet and greet, but everyone has been great.

Group discussion during orientation

Orientation was so much different compared to AIMST. Since we were the first batch, orientation was rather simple. No seniors to rag and push us around. In fact, it was merely organized by 2 ladies, one a Datin. LOL. Yesterday was simple registration day, but somehow chaotic for me as I've forgot to bring some important document. Shifting to the apartment was somewhat hard too, 2 huge luggages to drag along, plus the sudden downpour. Luckily, Vincent's car was there to help me out.

College here has it's pros & cons no doubt. Well, i've to sign off now. Laptop's battery nearly dead, and not forgetting the 10pm curfew. I'll promise to update more during the weekends & over the Deepavali break next week, which I will be heading over to a friends house. Till then, bear with the typo errors & smaller pics k?

Its this for the next 5 years...

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