Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Furniture anyone?

No choice but had to tag along with my mom to the furniture shop to buy a new coffee table. Usually, furniture shops are pretty much boring. However, this time around, a few items caught my attention.

1st thing I saw was this sleek looking TV. At first glance, it looks impressively flat.

Till i notice that there wasn't any plugs or wires behind...

What a FAKE!!! No wonder they had so many of these on display.

Moving on, this peculiar looking lamp looks interesting. 30% discount! Wished I had one.

And I totally dig these Sprite bottles. Too bad they're not for sell, display only :(

Finally, anyone wants to sit on a tooth?

Definitely the coolest item in the shop. And they light up too!

Dentists and future dentists out there should plan on getting one of these stools for your dental clinic. Besides looking cool, at least it helps to 'lighten up' the usually boring and cold atmosphere of dental clinics. =p

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