Saturday, August 4, 2007

12 Hours

Post title says it all. I just returned back home after spending nearly half a day away from home. Not really a notable feat, but I guess this was the longest I've been away from home since the days at AIMST. Woke up to a headbanging start (I banged my head on the bed rail...) as early as 8 this morning due to some stupid wrong number caller. Sucks when your pleasant dreams are interrupted by the annoying phone rings.

Left the house at 1pm to Saberkas to have my Mp3 modulator replaced. Bought one a day before, which sadly didn't work, and at the same time getting a scolding by my mom for buying a phony item. -.- Guess it's my unluckiness when it comes to buying things. I dare say that 70% of the items I buy are not in perfect working condition. Be it CD's, electronics, or even stationary. Ill fated hands in choosing. Thank God the shop employee gave me a working replacement. Soon, I found out what the problem was. The previous one had the connection cable swapped secretly with some cheap ass faulty one!

Friday's were always jam packed. However, I didn't have to go through the pain of driving the traffic laden roads as Farid came picked me up, in his new Honda Civic. Haven't seen that lad in nearly a year, so yeah, it was kinda a last minute meeting for us and Brendan since Farid's leaving for CUCMS. And it was pretty daring of him to drive his family's brand new car because another friend told me he was bad at driving. I found out how true that was the moment I saw him drive.

Well, luckily Brendan drove most of the time, since it was a new car and he wanted to test drive it. A first for me too being in the new 2007 Honda Civic. Truthfully, if I had the cash, I seriously wouldn't buy the car. It looks...well, (no offence Farid...haha) tremendously ugly. A car born out of proportion, and looks like a huge bulk of automotive disaster. The dashboard was so huge and practically unless except for collecting dust. Front end was too big, rear light hubs were weird, basically everything about the Civic has changed. Didn't know how the driving felt like as I wasn't really comfortable in driving other peoples car. And I don't fancy big cars at all. Personally, I prefer the older generation Civics, those EG & EK series, rather than this new one.

We headed to the local cineplex for a movie. Planned to watch The Simpsons which I heard was absolutely funny but in the end changed to watching all the explosive action of Die Hard 4...


Since we had time before the show started, we went down to the arcade and played a few rounds of Daytona racing, an arcade game I grew found with. There's something about this game that makes me want to play it over and over again. Repeated playings made this one of my expert arcade games, but I'll never forget that particular day I got my ass beaten by an innocent looking gal. =p

Next, we played archery, which I sucked so badly at. As usual, all my shots, were totally off target. Prefered playing pool rather that shooting arrows blindly. The thing about pool tables is that, it's so freakin' hard to find one which is vacant because they were constantly hugged by cigarette smoking school kids, skinheads and scumbags of the nation. So happen to be that there was a vacant pool table that caught my sight and had me pitting my skills against Farid. Been ages since I played and although I won, my cue'ing skills were crap.

Movie was up, and since I've watched it twice before, it didn't gave me those ooh's and ahh's anymore. However, I still like how it was directed and shot. Went down to Thyme's for some western food for dinner. Pizza there still tastes great although the option of making your own wasn't available on the menu anymore. Not wanting to go back home as early as 8pm and to avoid the Kuching/Merdeka Festival parade rehearsal congestion around town, it was hitting the electric dreamland of


The all so common Central Park was our virtual playground paradise. A place littered with food courts and of course cybers. Playing at cybers is a totally different thing compared to playing at home or online. The scene is totally outrageous, especially when your competing with your friends and strangers alike. Shouts, taunts and even vulgar words are all so common. However, there's this tainted image about cybercafes which the public generally thinks as a "no-good" place. Fights and racism remarks are usually the causes. To me, choosing the right cyber and keeping in mind of your ethnics will prevent you from all these.

Playing at cybercafes, like Mahjong, requires "kaki's" as we call it. No kaki, no play, no fun. The more, the merrier. There wasn't any shortage of kaki's tonight though, as we had around 10 people. Counter Strike was the game of the night, and so together we shouted, fragged, smashed keyboards, furiously clicking the mouse, and screamed...until 1am, which by then...

I had lost my voice. -.-'

*Sorry for the lack of pictures in this post, my handphone 'failed' me again...

Will be leaving for a short trip to Kota Kinabalu on Saturday night. YAY!

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rong han said...

i miss the civic!!
particularly the experience of driving it. ah.
we even met ex-teachers on the road at the parade while cruising arnd town.

and i'm craving for more CS!!!

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