Friday, February 5, 2010

Long day nearly over

Today was a damn long day.

8am. Barely could wake up because was out late the previous night. First class was more like a show & tell. Some fella by the name of Simon came to give us a talk on Topical Fluoride and showed us a few market products.

9am. Dr. Hana's lecture. Slow as usual but this time her lecture only had 18 slides. Whew.

10am. Breakfast. 2 eggs + nasi lemak + teh-o-ais

10.30am. Assisted my clinical partner, Vethiah, in examining and diagnosing her patients. Made an appointment with Dr. Rozaidah to do my amalgam filling next week. Just in time for CNY. Won't want be chowing down biscuits and cakes with a temporary filling. =D

1pm. Lunch. Got an sms from Bruce Lee asking me for some zombie killing time. Too bad couldn't go as I had patients in the afternoon.

2pm. First patient came in for complete denture. Quite puzzled as to how to examine the intra-oral stuff because the patient had no teeth at all!!!

3pm. Second patient came in. We were the first group to have two patients for prostho on the same day. Had Joyce Ong as my assistant, since Vethiah had to deal with the other patient.

4.30pm. We took a total of 6 impressions at the end of the day. 3 for upper and lower each. Kept failing. And the impressions were so-so only. Need more practice. Shit. Luckily patient was cooperative enough. He seemed rather relaxed. The whole room was messy like hell though, even though we tried to keep everything organized.

5.30pm. Finished casting the impressions into stone models. Failed miserably. Only 2 jadi at the end of the day. FFFFFFFF!!!!!

6.15pm. Reached home. Good thing was that the internet is back on! Woohoo!

7.00pm. End of post. Reason: Time to head out! TGIF style!

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