Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Gonna Run the Devils Down!

Fuhh...finally moved the final few items to my new house. Not to mention cleaning up the old room and the bathroom as well. Damn, just found out how much trash I have. Bagsful. Now what's left is just to unpack everything at the new place, move the table and clothes hangar, vacuum more stuff...Eh...shit...still got so many stuff to do!?!

2 more weeks and back Kuching dy. Planning a paintball game with the homies hopefully. =o

Tomorrow, up Bukit Tabur. 3rd time up there if it goes on successfully. Training for the Mount KK climb end of this year. Wootz!

Arsenal vs Man Utd. tonight. Epic match of the season? Time to show the Devils some GUNPOWAAAARRR!!! Mr. Jay Wong...if Arsenal menang I belanja you one teh-o-limau-ais ok? Haha. Gonna watch it at the mamak below the condo tonight plus shisha session. Anyone wanna join? =p

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