Friday, December 11, 2009

Impression & plans

Snippet: A cowboy road into town on Friday. He stayed there for two nights and road out on Friday. How is that possible? Scroll to the bottom of the post to find out.'s FRIDAYYYY! End of week. As usual plans galore:

Plan #1: Paintball with super juniors. Somehow kurang sambutan from our class. And also I think the super juniors postponed it. Dunno lah. And I'm suppose to play with Mr. Lau's friends as well sometime soon. So...

Plan #2: Fishing/hiking tomorrow morning. Yes! Plan to be confirmed tonight with the fellas. It's either fishing somewhere at Kuala Selangor or Shah Alam, or a early morning hike up Broga Hill (again...yeah, for the 3rd time) to see the sunrise. Not to mention satay Kajang that comes after that! Woohoo!

Plan #3: Movie tomorrow night. Not sure if am going as well...depending on the morning's plan. This was Min's plan i think. Probably gonna watch Storm Warriors, etc. Somehow, Julian also invited me to watch, so...dilemma. Haha...owh, dunno why Zombieland is only released now in Malaysia. I watched it like many months ago. Emma Stone is just hot!

Plan #4: Tonights plan: shisha. Harvin suggested we try the new place at SS2. Asking Vin Ng and the few other regulars along. Bubblegum flavor sounds nice. lol.

Today was a super long day. Started with Dr. Hana's class. To avoid boredom since she was repeating the same thing she taught during year 2, I ended up YouTubing most of the time on my phone. (Wondering how? I have the password for the level 5 dental wifi! Hahaha!) Watched videos that include how they took impression during the 80s...without gloves somemore. LOL. Connie's class was funny. She laughs like a looney tune cartoon. But all that laughter somehow made Dr. Hana got mad at a few of us. Emo lagi.

Owh, and we had the mentor-menti selected already! And I have William as my mentee, making it easier since some of my notes are with him already and we hang out quite often. Saw the full list...kinda balanced though some partnerships might be a bit 'shocking'...haha.

In the afternoon we all saw a demo on Ruyuan's & Chiew Yee's patient. And we were all shocked at Dr. Hana's pretty rough method on the impression taking. The patient ended up the extend that the blood covered the impression tray and alginate. Yiks. Anyhow, I think we all kept our cool. =p

And we did our impression taking on our partners! And to my horror it does hurt alot if the tray doesn't fit well. So selection of tray...very very important! And the feeling of the alginate coming off your teeth is like having your teeth ripped No wonder patients fuss alot.

Plenty of videos and pictures yet to be uploaded. Keep a watch on my FB!

Answer to the snippet: Friday was the name of his horse.

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