Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The 1 month break

The past 1 month break in short:

#1. Post-exam BBQ celebration right after exam with coursemates. 'This is how we roll'

#2. Melaka trip with 7 other course mates before we went back to our hometowns respectively. (note: More pictures will be @ Facebook when the upload works) Had a blast.

#3. Back @ Kuching for 3 weeks+. Same old same old. Still, it's good to be back. Did nothing much though; hanged out with friends, took part in some Dota competition, watched few movies, ate few burgers, drove around alot...

#4. Visited the new Sarawak DUN complex. Damn grand building on the riverbanks of Sarawak River. Too bad weren't granted entry in the building itself.

#5. I turned twenty one. Thanks to my family, relatives & friends for making it happen. Simple but meaningful celebration.

#6. Met up with long lost friends, Dex & Farid, aka. 'The FFA' reunion.

#7. Got a new laptop, its a Dell Studio XPS 13". Wanted a Mac initially, but in the end settled for this one. Laptop kept crashing badly the first few days of getting it, which made me doubt the quality and make. Thankfully its all good now.

#8 Sister's graduation. Lol. She graduated faster than me! I still have 3 years to struggle through...piff!

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