Thursday, September 24, 2009


O hai there!

Just a micro update here while waiting for lunch to be served. It has been nearly a month since the last post here after a self declared "study hiatus". Well, the exams are now over, thankfully I passed all, and here I am enjoyed a month long holiday back at Kuching.

Past week was pure torture waiting for the results after the finals and the oh-so-kinteo viva selections. But still, enjoyment never strayed far away. Managed to naik bukit enjoy cold air (Genting) while some of them enjoyed winning and losing. Went Malacca for a day's trip. Had a BBQ party over at a friend's place. Yet to sort the hundreds of pics from the hang on for the pictures!

Well, I can say that life is fairly good so far.
But...what's making it better now?

Mom's cooking. Teehee! =p

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