Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Attention all DDS mates:

1) From Harvin's blog:" Someone's thumb drive in our class is actually affected with a worm. To be exact,Its a W32/Forbot-J Spyware Worm which will allows others to access the computer, the worm itself steals information, reduces system security and it installs itself in the windows registry".

For more info and how to remove it, click HERE. (it'll link you to Harvin's blog). Thanks to Harvin for the notification!

2) I have a friend whose cousin brother is working with keywords from google to generate revenue and his latest project would be to start up a dental related informative website targeted at layman.

He is looking for dental students to write articles for this website and the students will be paid from RM20-Rm100 per article, depending on the length.

It is a freelance job. :)

Interested parties can contact me or

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