Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tire'd Swing

Ahh damn! Getting tired by the day. Fatigue is hitting me early. In fact, too early. By 12am, I'm unusually sleepy already. In a way, it does me healthy I guess. I think 8.00am classes are really a killer. Need more time to adjust to it. Even with after-class naps, I still feel sleepy during lectures. Especially during Dr. Hana's dental material class, which is usually the first class. Gawd, you could just yawn continuously. Owh, not to mention that we have to copy the slides as she forbids us from taking them. -_-

I found a simple remedy though:

Down those SOUR PLUMs like mad!!!

Wished weekends came sooner. TGIF! Make it TGIFSS (Thank God it's Friday, Saturday & Sunday!) I slept for 13 hours in total last Saturday. And I plan to do it coming weekend as well, unless I get called out for some outing, which usually happens. And if it does, there goes another night at a friends house...


Owh, and first semester finals in a month's time.

My rusty gears need oiling.


#20. (16.03.09)
#20. (16.03.09) Failed lomo attempt no. 1: Sunset from the window.

#21. (17.03.09)
#21. (17.03.09) Ice cubes.

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