Monday, March 30, 2009


Exams are in a fortnight. No need to explain what I'm gonna be doing the coming days.

What I did during my 'last' final weekend of enjoyment (did I mention that the previous weekend?):
1) Played nearly 2 hours of badminton on Thursday. Forgot to warm up, arms were sore the next day.

#29. (26/03/09) Panglima Fauzan vs Hewitt.

2) Friday was homestaying day after a tired Thursday. Spent the whole day sleeping and watching movies at home. And also budget day. Ate economy rice for lunch and dinner. Total spent = less than rm15. Great!

3) Went out with Julian & Stephen again for a movie at Mid Valley. Watched Know1ng which was just another apocalyptic movie with the all so familiar end of the world concept. Movie rating: 6/10.
#30. (28/03/09) Roof of The Gardens @ MV.

4) Went to a photography expo (DCIM 2009) the very same day. Checked out a few cool lenses and molested a few cameras. Tempted to buy a new lenses in the future. Right now, I don't even have the cash to get a camera bag. Recession. Massive crowd, especially during when the models for a model search contest went on stage. It was more of a competition of who has the longest dick lenses among the photographers. Here's what I meant:

#31. (28/03/09) Gah! Even got ladders. @@

Imagine how hard is it to take a clear picture of the models. Here's a cropped one shot of one of the models; she had a cult following in
#32. (28/03/09) Stephen said she looked like a Japanese pornstar. LoLz.

5) Overnight at Stephen's place after that. Earth Hour passed by with a game of dota.

6) Somehow received quite a number of emails regarding Mahsa & the dentistry course. One of them was a mom who wanted to transfer her daughter who is currently studying over at Indonesia over to Mahsa. And even more shocking was a South Korean who emailed me regarding his intentions of studying over here! Cool. Owh, and Mahsa is now officially a University College:

Mahsa advert
#33. (29/03/09) The Sunday Star full page advertorial.

Anyway, less blog postings from now on...

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