Friday, March 13, 2009

Moon & Water

Tried two experimental type of photo shoots the past few days. One was taking water droplets by having a bowl of water in the sink and dripping water from the tap. It was surely hard to time those drops to perfection. 2 of my best shots here:

#17. (11.03.09)
#17. (11.03.09) The droplet. Just before it hits the water surface

#18. (11.03.09)
#18. (11.03.09) Villi? Worm?

Still need lots of improvement in timing these shots. And earlier, I tried taking pictures of the moon. Missed the full and bigger moon the day before. And making it hard was my miserable 55mm kit lens. A long term investment of a 200mm zoom lens would do me good though!

#19. (13.03.09)
#19. (13.03.09) The moon. Edited & cropped.

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