Monday, March 9, 2009

Black & Whites

#11. (05.03.09)
#11. (05.03.09) Shoes. Clockwise from top (if not mistaken); Vincent, Wye Sern, Me, Chiew Yee's

#12. (06.03.09)
#12. (06.03.09) Corridor. Shot taken while visiting an orphanage together with some friends after class on Friday. Will post about the orphanage visit sometime in the future.

#13. (07.03.09)
#13. (07.03.09) Ceiling. This one is from the college lobby. Taken randomly by pointing the camera somewhere. Purposely overexposed.

#14. (08.03.09)
#14. (08.03.09) KL Sentral. Shot taken while waiting in line for the monorail tickets.

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