Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Your Vote Counts!

Before I begin, I would like to wish my mom a very Happy Birthday! =)

OK. Recently earlier this month, I took part in an MTV Asia Awards online contest organized by Genting in hopes of getting invites to the event. I summited both an audio clip & picture. The audio clip was a failure, but this picture of me mimicking Chester Bennington's jump:

Got me through to the final round of voting! Wootz!

Now all I need is you kind readers out there to vote for my picture at this website! (www.gentingmtvasia.com) However, it requires registration which is now sadly closed. So those of you who registered earlier or have friends (or friends of friends or anyone you know) who are registered, please kindly VOTE FOR ME! PLEASE!

The top 4 pictures with highest votes gets invites to the MTV Asia Awards show! Hurry...voting ends @ 12pm on the 25th July!

Slim chance, comparing that some of the photos (most of them actually) were by girls and some were really good impersonations. Anyways, still worth a try!

So please vote if you can! Thanks!

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