Friday, July 4, 2008


And what a week it has been. A pretty busy schedule, ending with a Physiology test (yet another test -____-) earlier this morning. The Dean came by yesterday for a Q&A session with us, in fact, was our first formal meeting with him. The class wasn't really questioning the Dean that much, he was conducting more of the talking. Yet, they were some important questions being answered. And yes, we're going to Indonesia during our final years!

The Dean of Dentistry right there.

Well, a week's break starting today. A time to cast those thick books, temporarily...and relax. Or could I? Chose not to head back to Kuching however. Staying around here or perhaps at a friend's place in the coming few days, maybe do a little bit of cleaning here and there. Besides, there are a few events happening in and around during the following week and the weeks to come. So, I've compiled a small list of happenings which I might or might not attend:

1) Penang Trip (July 5)
The plan for a Penang trip was initially struck up long ago, during our first semester, but delayed till now. This time, it's pretty much confirmed. In fact, we're leaving tomorrow itself, staying at a hotel over the weekend. Yet, the number of people going tremendously dropped, from 13 to a mere 7. Unforeseen circumstances I guess.

July 07' was the last time I visited the island, and it has been close to a year. Thus also marks a year's anniversary since I left college. This time, it's the same trip but a different circle of friends.

Fun factor: 8.5/10
Probability of going: 4.5/5

2) Alvin's Birthday Party (July 12)

Our class' major birthday celebration since Ken's. The celebrant this time, Alvin Chai. A big moment for the big dude. Expected to be a happening party since he invited quite a number of people with a Facebook event invitation. Haha. Yet to decide on what to get for him, but certainly not to be revealed here.

Till then, Alvin, you'll just have to wait for the surprise!

Fun factor: 7.5/10
Probability of going: 4/5

3) Flashmob in KL (July 12)
Also happening on the same day, a flashmob organized by randomacts, the same organization which organized the KL Freeze in Unison @ Pavilion and plenty more random fun. Apparently, this time around, the event is called Look Up More.

I'm guessing its going to be something like this: Flashmob in NY. More details about the event on Facebook.

Fun factor: 6/10
Probability of going: 3/5

4) Daughtry rocking KL! (July 26)
Yeaps, Chris Daughtry and his band is set to rock KL at the end of this month. Apparently, they're specially flown in for the 'Sony Ericsson Traffic Jam' street party happening at 1 Utama. More on it, click here.

Venue is so freaking near to my place. But the catch is, to get tickets to the gig, requires one to buy a SE walkman handphone. Darn!

Fun factor: 7/10
Probability of going: 1/5

5) Avril Lavigne in August
And if Daughtry is not enough, the princess of pop/punk rock, Arvil Lavigne is all set to rock Malaysia this August! According to the organizers, this would be the only concert she'll be performing in South-East Asia.

Now this is one event I'm looking forward to since the news popped out on The Star. Time to save money for the expected high ticket prices.

Fun factor: 9/10
Probability of going: 2/5

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